Automotive wholesale leather seat covers

How to install auto upholstery

Auto Trim Leather strongly advice to have all custom leather auto interiors and aftermarket leather car seat covers be installed by a professional. The information display here about How to install auto upholstery is a guide for individuals that have the skills and knowledge about this type of installations.

How to install auto upholstery
- Level of difficulty: moderate
Most interiors take about four to five hours for installation.

The following are the activities you must do to install the car leather seat covers:
• Make sure you got the Right seat covers for your car.
• Car seats must be removed from car.
• The factory cloth must be carefully removed from the seats.
• The custom leather auto interiors and aftermarket leather car seat covers are then installed to the existing seats and the door panels are trimmed (where indicated).
• The seats then are reassembled in the vehicle to manufacturers' specifications.

We supply, distribute and Install custom leather auto interiors for most popular Car Models:

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We offer 100% client satisfaction guarantee in all custom leather auto interiors.

Tools Required:
8” Magnetic Flat tip Screwdriver
8” Magnetic Phillips Tip Screwdriver
Metal Cutter
Ratchet with Extension and Sockets
Hog Ring Pliers
Adhesive Spray
Metal hog rings

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These are general steps that most installation must go through.
- Remove Handle screw
-Remove & Disconnet window controls
- Arm Rest Removal
- Disassemble mirror Protector
- Remove Door Panel
- Face and position front seat
- Fix hog rings into back support cushion
- Fix hog rings with welt into cushion
- Place and set foam properly in wire structure
- Set hog rings and attach lateral straps
- Attach bottom flaps into metal structure
...and more
- Move Seat Backward
- Main Seat Screw
- Unscrew Seat with Ratch
- Unscrew Back screws from Front seats
- Remove Front Seat
- Remove Rear Seat
- Remove Rear Back Seat
- Apply tape around area to be cover
- Apply glue to provided leather panel cover
- Activate glue with heat blower
- Apply glued cover material to panel
- Mark and trace panel contour
- Cut all around contour leaving 7mm margin
- Push margin left of material into edge of panel
- Clean and set up material into panel surface
- Remove Plastic Cover
- Remove seat handle Screws
- Unscrew side Plastic Cover and covers
- Remove side Plastic Cover
- Unscrew remove lateral plastic cover
- Remove hog rings from cushion of seat
- Remove Foam
- Disassemble Cloth from structure
- Remove hog rings and Cloth from Foam
...and more
- Assembling Door Panels back in place
- Assembling Electrical Window controls
- Assembling seat screws back in place
- Assembling Back seat bench
- Setting finish screw cover plates
- Finished back seat cushion
- Finished back support cushion look
- Finished Head rest look
- Finished Seat look